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PRIMECORE BlockchainTech

PrimeCore is an innovative IT company which offers a secure and user-friendly software solution for ICOs, enabling the launch of any token sale in just 2 days.

PrimeCore ICO platform has been designed to make both, running and administrate an ICO, and participating in it.

Our solution is simple and seamless, and has already been successfully field-tested in a number of projects.

Services provided by PrimeCore include ERC-20, ERC-223, ERC721-based smart contracts, and fully-customizable investor dashboards enable admins to change specifics, such as a variety of security options, referral program and a wide selection of other features.

$10 000
Standart price
$5 000 Special Offer
Hot summer price / Ready to negotiate

The ICO-Dashboard’s key features and benefits include

Popular crypto currency support
Custom Admin CMS panel: Central command allows ICO admins to set -up and manage all ICO settings.
Support for a variety of crypto and fiat currencies:BTC, ETH and any Altcoins with inbuilt exchange tool ShapeShift.
Multilingual support: The dashboard is available in a number of languages and more can be added where necessary.
KYC module: Built-in KYC module collects information and validates investors’ identities to avoid legal issues.
Two-factor authentication (2FA): 2FA integration protects backers’ accounts from hacking or unauthorized access.
Up to 5-tier referral program: Makes it possible for investors to receive bonuses, not only for the participants invited with their referral links but also for those invited by their invitees.
Enhanced motivation: The dashboard contains many types of bonuses (time-based, amount based, referral,promotional) which allows sending free tokens.
Increased conversion: Basic User flow allows to increase conversion and motivate potential contributors to make transactions and share referral links to your campaign via social networks and messengers.
PrimeCore ICO Dashboard
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ICO Dashboard Comprehensive BOX solution
$10 000
  • Admin panel
  • Investor panel
  • Deploy on your server
  • ERC20 token
  • Transaction monitoring system
  • Scripts for cold storage wallets ETH+BTC
  • Dashboard Branding
  • Staff training (Admin panel)
Individual solutions
  • Dashboard adaptation and redesign according to your requirements
  • Landing page creation
  • Dedicated team for technical support at all fundraising stages
  • Smart Contract of high complexity level
  • Any additional fiat payment gateways integration
Price based on client story
  • Smart Contract development
  • Landing page
  • Admin tools
  • Investor panel
  • Any technical help for client needs
  • Backend, frontend, mobile development
  • MVP creation for you ICO
  • Fiat payment gateways integration


Do not hesitate to contact us for individual presentation of platform features!